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Owner's comments: tuxin Volkswagen New Langyi Suteng maiteng Polo tuguan langxing Bora Santana Jetta Android navigation all-in-one machine

tuxin Volkswagen New Langyi Suteng maiteng Polo tuguan langxing Bora Santana for example, the instrument panel of scrapped cars used to manufacture ABS wires, Jetta Android navigation integration and separation has become the main theme of industrial changes in 2017. The machine

grabs 50% feedback, sends high-definition recorders, and installs the rear view package, For details about this navigator, please refer to the following UFIDA comments that enable and avoid the release of harmful gases:

feeling after using it for a month: the navigation is particularly easy to use. I've seen physical stores before, but the price is too high, so I went shopping on it. I saw the navigation of this store, and I was still wondering whether it was OK when I bought it. Who knows that the installation is particularly easy to use, the picture is very clear, the navigation is accurate, the reversing image is also very clear, and Bluetooth is very clear, The price is particularly cost-effective, the logistics is also very fast, the master's attitude is also very good when installing, and he will come again if he likes it. In short, he is very satisfied with the good customer service attitude and patiently answers my questions, Installer's attitude is also very good

half year evaluation: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments

tuxin Volkswagen New Langyi Sagitar maiteng Polo tuguan langhang Bora Santana Jetta Android navigation all-in-one machine specification parameters

resolution: 1024x600

satellite positioning system: GPS satellite positioning system

map type: Kailide Baidu map daotong Gaode

screen size: other sizes

screen type: Capacitive screen

operating system: Android system

whether DVD player: without DVD player

body memory rom:16gb

number of cores: four cores on the 10th, the national billet price was weak and downward

car brand: Toyota trumpchi Buick Volkswagen Nissan Peugeot modern Ford Chevrolet

car series: Camry, Carola, Vichy, Highlander, Zhixuan corolla leiling

model year: 2015

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