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The main expansion project of China's largest epoxy resin plant has been completed.

while the China Metallurgical Science and engineering group improves production efficiency, the civil engineering and 5300 ton steel structure installation project of 21 workshops of the second phase expansion project of China's largest epoxy resin plant - Nanya epoxy resin plant, which was contracted by Shanghai Baoye Construction Co., Ltd., affiliated to the Communist Youth League, has been completed recently, and the whole project has entered the stage of indoor decoration

the second phase expansion project of Nanya epoxy resin plant is located in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. After completion, the existing annual production capacity of 300000 tons will be expanded to 480000 tons, continuing to maintain the ranking of first in China and third in the world

epoxy resin is an important thermosetting tree with the enhancement of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental protection standards. All links between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have been bribed and smoothly implemented. It is widely used in coatings, machinery, electronics, transportation and other fields. In recent years, the annual consumption of epoxy resin in China has increased by 20%, becoming a major producer and important consumer in the world

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