The launching ceremony of the marketing DMS projec

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The launching ceremony of Rexroth's marketing DMS project was grandly held

the launching ceremony of Rexroth's marketing DMS project was grandly held

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recently, the launching ceremony of Rexroth's marketing DMS project was held in the factory. Mouwenqing, President of Jierui digital, an Shicai, vice president of Jierui digital, Dai Zhuohao, deputy general manager of the company, zhangweiyin, Pengchao, head of marketing department, and other members of DMS project team attended the launching ceremony

at the launching ceremony, President Dai first expressed the expectation of cooperating with Jierui digital in the DMS project and said that the project would be made into a high-quality project. General manager Dai emphasized that the development and expansion of enterprises must follow the integration of informatization and industrialization. To develop and expand enterprises under the current "new normal", industrialization must drive informatization, informatization promotes industrialization, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the company

Rexroth marketing DMS project starter 5. Start the beam motor grand ceremony

for many years, Rexroth has been committed to developing and upgrading information system engineering, and continuously improving the service and R & D level. Now, ERP systems and other platforms have played a huge role in the daily operation of Rexroth. The launch and implementation of DMS project will further strengthen Rexroth's ability in agent management, spare parts inventory control and risk prevention, and promote the in-depth promotion of the company's refined management

Mr. Mou said that the cooperation between Rexroth and Jierui digital is a long-term and continuous strategic cooperation. As a national brand in the construction machinery industry, Rexroth has always regarded product quality as the life of the enterprise. It has not only won the favor of more and more customers in large and medium-sized enterprises, but also achieved continuous improvement in its market share in small and medium-sized enterprises where the problem of "white pollution" has had a serious impact on the ecological environment. It has also achieved frequent good news in overseas markets. The continuous expansion of the market needs the strong support of informatization. Jierui digital will wholeheartedly provide the best service for Rexroth with more advanced technology and more professional concept, and provide comprehensive support for the perfect delivery of the project

in a warm atmosphere, the two sides signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. The launching ceremony of the marketing DMS project marked a new journey for the information construction of lishide

the launching ceremony of Rexroth's marketing DMS project was grandly held.

about dms

"the functions of DMS cover all aspects of dealer management in construction machinery enterprises and serve all links of actual business, including pre-sales management, sales management, creditor's rights management, service management, parts management, call center, etc. in the whole marketing organization (including headquarters and dealers) The built-in and excellent after-sales and quality assurance services establish a standardized, centralized and systematic sales, service and creditor's rights process management system. Manage the follow-up process of sales personnel on customer sales opportunities, improve the conversion rate of sales opportunities, so as to improve the sales ability of the whole sales system. The service personnel follow-up process on the whole machine service, improve customer satisfaction, so as to improve the loyalty of the whole customer group. The creditor's rights personnel follow-up process on customer credit and creditor's rights collection, so as to improve the collection rate, so as to improve the risk control ability of the whole sales process


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