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With the progress of human society and the rapid development of science and technology, people's awareness of self-protection has been further strengthened. Ecology and environmental protection have become the main topic of human settlements development. Coatings closely related to human life are tested by people all the time

the appearance of Jinghua 902 silicate inorganic coating provides a valuable medium for architectural decoration, which enables the imagination of decoration masters to gallop freely, so that the architectural decoration industry can enjoy a spring breeze. In order to make the industry better understand this product, I recently interviewed the inventor of this environmental protection product - Jin Yongchang, general manager of Beijing Xicheng Shuanglong architectural decoration Co., Ltd

: How did you think of inventing such a new type of coating? Please talk about the original intention of inventing this kind of coating

Jin Yongchang: I think that if China's architectural decoration industry wants to expand a broader world, it can have stronger vitality only if it is closer to the public's consumption level, aesthetic views and health requirements in terms of material selection, price and practicability. This is consistent with the architectural decoration concept of "low cost, high quality and affordable" of Mr. Zhang Kaiji, the world architectural design master. In order to find such an ideal product, after years of painstaking research, several experts and I finally made remarkable progress, successfully invented the world's leading green environmental protection decoration products, and made silicate, the most common substance in nature, the most widely used

As the main raw material of industry, silicate has good stability. The coating prepared with it has been proved by practice that its performance is obviously better than that of the same materials at home and abroad. The popularization of this new decorative material will undoubtedly improve the grade and level of our decorative art, and play an important role in the improvement of people's living standards and living conditions

: as a new decorative material, what is the uniqueness of 902 silicate coating? What is the difference from traditional coatings

Jin Yongchang: 902 silicate coating was tested by national chemical building materials testing center, Beijing Building Materials Quality Supervision and inspection station and the first testing institute of construction engineering quality testing center, and all indexes met the standard requirements. It has the following characteristics:

1. Silicate combines with hydration to get rid of organic matter. In this way, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. It is called "green environmental protection material"

2. Silicate acts after mixing with water to form hydrate, which is gradually formed into colloid by thermal expansion and cold contraction. Some colloids become crystals, and their colloids and crystals are staggered with the evaporation of water to form a strong hardening, namely "hydraulic hardness". It can not only combine with objects in air, but also harden and combine in water. Therefore, silicate coating is not adhered to the wall with the help of organic matter like general coating, but condensed with the wall. This kind of condensation is very firm, and it is integrated with the wall. It will not fall off due to thermal expansion, cold contraction, wet and dry changes. This shows that silicate coating is not only applicable in the majority of cities, villages and towns, but also in the areas along the river, along the coast and underground humidity, so the effect is better

3. Silicate has a high melting point. Painting the outer wall, inner wall and ceiling of the building with silicate coating is like adding a protective layer to the building, which can avoid fire

4. Silicate coating can be used to process a variety of series products. Such as embossing, scraping, knurling, through flower and other 9, that is, 02 race wallpaper series after each power on, and can be used as paint for mural decoration. In addition, 902 ceiling series has been made

5. Due to the wide distribution of silicate, easy availability of materials and uncomplicated processing, it can be locally sourced, processed and used locally, so as to reduce the cost, low price, small investment and quick effect, which is also conducive to employment

: what are the application characteristics of 902 silicate coating in decorative art and what engineering projects are they applied to

Jin Yongchang: in the past, when completing large-scale and luxurious decoration tasks, the architectural decoration industry mostly preferred granite and marble in the selection of decoration materials, while Jinghua 902 coating can manufacture and decorate these materials on the surface of buildings with unique technology. It is not only the same as granite and marble in appearance, but also comparable to real stone in hardness. Some figures show that its pattern and texture can be fake and real, but it is 5 ~ 10 times cheaper than real stone

the art of silicate mushroom stone can be used in luxurious architectural dados, villas, flower beds, door and window columns of European buildings, the walls of Tangshan earthquake relief memorial hall, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the office building of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the flower bed wall of Beijing West Railway Station, etc. The doorways and windows of a 20 storey European style building in Guangqumen are all roman columns. From the first floor to the top floor, it is full of European style. Through this stone making process, the building surface is decorated more simple, elegant, colorful and the artistic level is greatly improved

silicate brick making art can be used as clear water brick wall, grinding brick butt joint, cylinder brick and tile pattern, so as to make the building refined and improve the grade, which is full of ornamental. Most of the wall surface of the main teaching building of Beijing University of technology has peeled off, which is repaired layer by layer with silicate materials, repackaged with silicate imitation clear water brick technology, and the art of making mushroom stone under the windowsill has made this old teaching building a new villa. In the past, the exterior wall of the four guest rooms of the central guard guest house was made of dry sticky stone. Due to age, the stone slag peeled off and was repaired and made of silicate materials. Below the third floor is mushroom stone art, and above the third floor is large flat flower technology. In the main building of Shihua Hotel, the original wall was mosaic. A few years later, many parts of the wall fell off and were repackaged with silicate materials

: what social and economic benefits have been produced after this new material is put on the market

Jin Yongchang: according to the view that a unit only needs to invest 3 labor forces to produce 4 tons in 8 hours, its output value is equivalent to the output value of an industrial worker in one year in the period of large industry

the stone making art of Jinghua 902 silicate coating is only tens of yuan per square meter, which is several times cheaper than real stone. After visiting the stone making art of a building, the engineering and technical personnel of a headquarters of the people's Liberation Army commented that the fake is better than the real. Silicate brick making art not only protects the land resources damaged by brick burning, but also relieves people's nostalgia for Qin bricks and Han tiles. The coating can be used for wet operation, shorten the construction period and reduce the project cost. It is firm and durable, reduces the number of updates and saves maintenance costs

because silicate coatings do not pollute air and water in production and use, and beautify the environment, they have good social benefits

although the development and utilization of Jinghua 902 silicate coating has gone through 16 years, the human development and utilization of silicate coating has just begun. With the development of architecture and decoration, more people will participate, which will promote the development and utilization of silicate coatings and make them more perfect, so as to make silicate coatings serve mankind to a greater extent


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