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Yangzi Petrochemical successfully developed a new type of automotive special material

Yangzi Petrochemical recently successfully scaled up the production of a new type of automotive special material - long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene special material in industrial devices, which has reached product level reliability and compatibility through four high-end enterprises such as "Jinfa"; The end-user trial has become the first new automobile special material in China whose internal quality reaches the level of foreign imported materials. Its economic added value is higher than that of other products by more than 1000 yuan/ton. At the same time, it provides high-quality raw material support for automobile lightweight

long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is a composite product formed by using long glass fiber polypropylene base material and long glass fiber under certain conditions. This product has high rigidity, impact strength, creep resistance and dimensional stability. It is easy to be processed into any complex module products, and its texture is lighter than that of alloy materials. It is widely used in automobile bumper, instrument panel and other automobile internal and external components, which can effectively realize automobile lightweight and reduce fuel consumption

at present, the domestic market of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene special materials is mainly met by imports. With its properties similar to those of some metal alloy materials to expand the utilization range of high-performance composites and its characteristics of easier molding, it can successfully replace automotive metal alloy materials, and is gradually accepted by market places

based on the investigation of similar foreign products, Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute formed a research and development team led by a doctor. From catalyst selection to process condition exploration, it has successively completed small-scale and pilot tests, and realized the first industrial plant scale-up production in March 2016. Four high-end users such as "Jinfa" were selected for trial. After formulating and issuing corresponding research and development plans with imported products to developed countries, the product performance is equivalent to that of imported materials. At present, the project team is further improving some indicators of products, improving product performance, forming mass production capacity as soon as possible, breaking the import monopoly and realizing domestic substitution according to the use of the first batch of trial production products and the new requirements put forward by users. All trial manufacturers have the intention to accept new products and build a safer and more stable production

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