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Yangzi Petrochemical products are unsalable

Yangzi petrochemical unit production is normal, which has a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy recently. Products have broken through the relationship between industrial structure adjustment and the development of key industries. Only research on the key technology and equipment constraints of excellence. There is unsalable, inventory has risen, but the factory price has not been adjusted, and the price inversion in surrounding markets is common. At present, the manufacturer is trying to deal with the inventory, and it is estimated that it will act in the near future. It is understood that its sales outlets in other places have issued preferential policies for large investors. At present, HDPE device produces 5000S and 7000F products from some foreign manufacturers, with an ex factory price of 7300 yuan/ton; LLDPE device produces 7042, with an ex factory price of 7200 yuan/ton; PP device produces S1003, j340, s700, with an ex factory price of 7900 yuan/ton

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