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Prediction and analysis of the market prospect of monitoring instruments

power monitoring instruments are a new and subdivided industry in the electrical instrument industry. The category belongs to the installed digital instruments, which evolved from analog pointer instruments and electric quantity transmitters. With the development of computer technology, power monitoring instruments have been applied to all links of power system, such as generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and use, to realize the measurement, measurement, analysis, diagnosis, control and protection of electrical parameters. Can pigs really fly? Internal mass email with analog output and standard communication interface. In different applications, different combinations of functions can be simple or complex, but they can be roughly divided into three types of instruments, namely, monitoring and protection instruments, electric energy analysis and management instruments, and electrical safety instruments. In order to adapt to the structure and installation characteristics of power supply and distribution system switchgear, the installation methods are divided into embedded and guide rail type

as an emerging industry, the market prospect of power monitoring instrument is related to the following factors: (1) the intelligent demand of power distribution system at the user end and the promotion of intelligent electricity; (2) Energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial and mining enterprises and buildings; (3) Development needs of new energy and new industries; Wait

the power distribution and repair work at the user end is extremely difficult. The intelligent demand of electric system and the promotion of intelligent electricity

at present, the production and transmission of electricity and the distribution of high-end users, such as telecommunications, banks, petrochemicals and other large users, are realizing informatization and intelligence. With the advance of smart electricity, the production, transmission and use of electricity will exchange information. Smart power instruments will be the information sensors of all electrical links, so that the information and objects of electrical equipment under smart electricity are connected. Therefore, the market capacity of power monitoring instruments will gradually expand with the popularization of intelligent distribution at the user end

energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial and mining enterprises and buildings

all ministries and commissions of the State Council and local governments have promoted and implemented energy conservation and emission reduction as one of the key tasks. High energy consumption enterprises are required to improve energy efficiency by establishing an energy management system and adopting consumption reduction technologies and measures. For this reason, industrial and mining enterprises implement contracted energy management, and government agencies and large public buildings implement energy consumption monitoring (see JK [2008] No. 114 document). Electric energy is the most important energy, and large energy users at the user end should establish an electric energy measurement system. Therefore, intelligent power meters for internal management of enterprises will increase with the promotion of energy-saving policies

development needs of new energy and new industries

with the development of society, the demand for new energy such as nuclear power, hydropower, light energy and wind energy is gradually expanding, so as to reduce the dependence on non renewable energy. The development of new energy also brings development opportunities to power meters. Take the photovoltaic power station as an example, it needs a combiner box, multi-channel DC detection device, DC multi-function ammeter, harmonic meter and other instruments. There are about 1200 sets of power monitoring instruments installed in a 10MW photovoltaic power station

in 2012, the cooperation project between Barry Shun (Beijing) Electric Co., Ltd. and a power plant in Inner Mongolia was successfully completed. The digital power measurement and control instrument provided by our company has been installed in place. After testing, it meets the requirements of customers and is highly recognized for the company's products and services. The main technical parameters of the instrument are as follows:

I. product functions and characteristics

measuring 3I, 3V, 3U, 3pf, F, 3P, P, 3q, Q, 3S, s, wh QH and zero line current (IO) and other 34 parameters

V, I, f measurement accuracy 0.2%, other parameters 0.5%

baud rate: 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200

Using DSP technology, higher accuracy, faster response, stronger function

dot matrix LCD display, Chinese and English switchable interface

has 1 ~ 19 harmonic analysis function,

6-way remote signaling, 3-way remote control and dc0 ~ 10V DC voltage signal input

II Main technical indicators

v/kv/mv/, a/ka, w/kw/mw/gw, Hz, var/kvar/mva, va/kva/mva/gva, wh/kwh/mwh/varh/kvarh

contact load capacity: 5A long-term power on, export delay and return time can be set, remote control output by communication mode or automatic export according to set conditions

ac85 ~ 265V 50/60hz dc85 ~ 330V (standard) AC30 ~ 60V 50/60hz dc18 ~ 90V (standard)optional)

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