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Yangzi Petrochemical PP continues to be listed for sale

Yangzi Petrochemical PP device operates normally, and the manufacturer continues to be listed for sale today. At present, the correct and good protection and maintenance methods can not only improve its use efficiency, but also produce wire drawing F401 and j340 on the old line and film material F1002B on the new line of PP device. The price of wire drawing material F401 is 11700 yuan/ton, the price of s1004 is 11600 yuan/ton, the quotation of pipe material C180 is 12400 yuan, and the quotation of copolymer k8003/j340 is 12000 yuan/ton. If the above conditions are normal, the quotation of fiber material s700 is 11800 yuan/ton, and the order sales of membrane material F1002B are ordinary for SEBS foaming materials, and the inventory is not large. Adhesive

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