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Forecast of domestic aromatic hydrocarbon and organic alcohol chemical products in October

aromatic hydrocarbon product market

toluene, xylene and pure benzene Market: long holiday factors restrict sales and abundant resource supply, and short-term market transactions have not been eliminated. However, considering the recent strong external market and the prominent replenishment intention of merchants, the short-term market is still expected. Therefore, the trend of pure benzene, toluene and xylene in October: small oscillation in the first ten days; A slight rebound in the middle; To build smart strategies in various regions, weak olefin Bay technology has developed mass-produced carbon nanotube fiber materials, which are likely to be consolidated after the network rose in late October

toluene: on October 8, the mainstream offer price of toluene in North China rose slightly. The mainstream offer price of toluene in North China (Beijing Tianjin Hebei region) is 6950 yuan/ton (self raised price), and the price of isoxylene is 7400 yuan/ton (self raised price). The market offer price rose by about 300 tons, and the actual inquiry was slightly deserted

xylene: the production capacity is concentrated in Sinopec and PetroChina. At present, nearly 40 enterprises in China produce xylene, with a total production capacity of 10.3 million tons, most of which belong to Sinopec and PetroChina

according to statistics, there are 26 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons, 12 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 300000 tons, and 9 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 500000 tons. The main production enterprises are: CNOOC refining and chemical (annual production capacity of 900000 tons), Dalian Fujia Dahua (annual production capacity of 850000 tons), Yangzi Petrochemical (annual production capacity of 750000 tons), Fujian United Petrochemical (annual production capacity of 740000 tons), Tianjin Petrochemical (annual production capacity of 710000 tons) Shanghai Petrochemical (with an annual capacity of 690000 tons), Zhenhai Refining and chemical (with an annual capacity of 680000 tons), Qingdao Lidong company (with an annual capacity of 600000 tons), Dalian Petrochemical (with an annual capacity of 580000 tons)

pure benzene: with the manufacturers' downward quotation, but the market performance is relatively slow. First, the manufacturers' price adjustment has not been reflected in the market in time. Second, traders are mostly forced by cost pressure, and there is little room for downward adjustment. However, under the influence of many adverse factors in the market, the market downturn is the general trend

the negotiation space in East China is maintained at yuan/ton, and the prices of some northwest sources are low; The sales space in North China remained at yuan/ton, with sales deadlocked and few transactions. It is expected that the pure benzene market will maintain a volatile downward trend next week, with a decline rate of yuan/ton. It is suggested that the merchants who hold the goods should try their best to sell the goods in hand, and do not hold the goods for too long; Short sellers can wait and see the market first, make up purchases as needed, and sell with purchase

Styrene Market

price rise and volume contraction. The short-term market is further advancing and under pressure, which does not rule out a rational correction. Therefore, the styrene market trend in October: stagflation deadlock in the first ten days; In the middle of the month, it does not rule out the rational callback after the surge; Weak finishing in late days

ethylene glycol market, diethylene glycol market

ethylene glycol: demand has not been released in an all-round way, and the market still has a certain upward momentum in the near future, but the range depends on the strength of external market and demand, and it is estimated that the rise in the later period will not be too large. Therefore, the trend of ethylene glycol in October: in the first ten days of the month, a slight correction after the surge is not ruled out; Rebound in the middle; Weak consolidation in the latter half of the year, with the adjustment range of yuan in the whole month

diethylene glycol: Recently, the market continues to break through at a high level, and the resistance in the downstream is high. It is expected to show a profit taking momentum, and the price does not rule out entering the technical sideways adjustment channel. Therefore, let's talk about some small problems in the common fault inspection of the impact testing machine. The trend of diethylene glycol in October: rational callback in the first ten days; Stop falling and stabilize in the middle of the year, and do not rule out a small rebound; The weak market was stable in the last ten days, and the adjustment range for the whole month was yuan

the polyethylene market is improving

the market demand and economic trend are gradually improving, the seasonal rigid demand needs to be fully launched, and the intention of merchants to stock up after the festival is strong. Therefore, the polyethylene market trend in October: slight oscillation adjustment in the first ten days; In the middle of the month, it is poised to soar; The rising trend slowed down in the latter ten days, and the weak market stabilized

polypropylene short-term market pressure appears

the subsequent market supply is relatively abundant, short-term market pressure appears, and digestion of inventory is the mainstream. Therefore, the trend of polypropylene market in October: the first ten days of the year saw an oscillation and decline; A slight rebound in the middle; Weak consolidation in late 2010

to sum up, the price of chemical products is bound to increase near the end of the year. We will wait and see in the next time

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