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Yanlongji put into production to build new energy centrifugal glass wool project recently, it is reported that yanlongji new energy Co., Ltd., located in Yingshang Industrial Park, has completed several phase I plants although the production line has not been put into production. Workers are debugging equipment in the plant to prepare for the production next month

"centrifuges, kilns and other core equipment are all installed in place, waiting for the official production next month." Gong Fangqing, director of the administrative department of yanlongji new energy Co., Ltd., told that the company is a subordinate enterprise of Shanghai yanlongji group, with a total investment of 1.377 billion yuan. It has nine centrifugal glass wool and six foam glass production lines. After the project is put into operation, it can produce 120000 tons of centrifugal glass wool and 240000 cubic meters of foam glass per year, with an annual output value of 1.32 billion yuan and an average annual tax payment of 106 million yuan. At present, the centrifugal glass wool project with an annual output of 120000 tons is about to be put into production

it is understood that yanlongji new energy Co., Ltd. entered Yingshang industrial park at the end of 2010. It was originally planned to launch the photovoltaic glass project and build 10 kilns, 4 with limited temperature, and 0 photovoltaic glass production line. In 2011, affected by the sluggish environment for the development of the photovoltaic industry, the project was suspended soon after it was started. "In recent years, affected by EU trade barriers, China's photovoltaic industry, which depends on exports, has fallen into a low development and is in a loss state for the whole industry. If it is forcibly launched, it will bring losses to enterprises." Gong Fangqing said that after more than a year of market research, expert demonstration, industry analysis and investment calculation, the enterprise decided to adjust the direction of industrial development and aim at centrifugal glass wool and other projects with broad market prospects

"centrifugal glass wool combines the advantages of many thermal insulation materials. It is a new type of inorganic heat insulation, light weight, sound absorption and flame retardant product, which is widely used in building materials, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry and other industries. At present, we are the only manufacturer of centrifugal glass wool in Anhui Province." Zhang Dun, director of the R & D Department of yanlongji new energy Co., Ltd., told that it is worth mentioning that the centrifugal glass wool project is a recycling industry. Its main raw materials are recycled waste glass, feldspar and other natural raw materials, and waste glass accounts for 90% of the production raw materials. "The process of producing glass wool is the process of reusing resources and turning waste into treasure."

centrifugal glass wool

it is learned that the production process of centrifugal glass wool is to put waste glass and other raw materials into the kiln to melt into glass water at high temperature, then inject the glass water into the centrifuge, and finally become cotton like filaments through centrifugation. "Due to the high reliability and temperature resistance of PBT, it can be used as the flyback transformer of TV, automobile distributor and ignition coil, office equipment shell and base, various automobile external components, air conditioner fan, electronic stove base, office equipment shell. The principle is not complex, and the principle is the same as that of making marshmallow." Zhang Dun said that because the current product supply in the market is less than demand, the price of centrifugal glass wool has been relatively stable and the benefits are very considerable. "1000 yuan of raw materials, made of centrifugal glass wool, can be sold for yuan."

unlike the previous recycling industries such as renewable lead smelting, which require a lot of labor, the centrifugal glass wool project does not require much labor. "Many of our equipment are imported from abroad, with a high degree of automation. There are only dozens of workers in a production line, and the whole enterprise needs more than 200 employees." Zhang Dun said. In addition, the production of centrifugal glass wool produces less waste, which belongs to the green environmental protection industry

it is reported that in the next step, yanlongji new energy Co., Ltd. will speed up the project progress and promote the early commissioning of the project, so as to bring good economic and social benefits to Yingshang Industrial Park

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