Forecast and analysis of global unsaturated polyes

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Prediction and analysis of global unsaturated polyester resin output value in 2015

unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) is the most widely used type of resin used in composites and the most commonly used thermosetting resin (other types of thermosetting resins include epoxy resin, phenolic resin through finetest II controller, acrylic resin, imide resin and ethyl carbamate). Unsaturated polyester resin is the main research goal of this market research report. Polyester resin used in fiber reinforced (structural) applications is the focus of this paper

the market of polyester resin industry is quite mature, mainly reflected in its well-known established products, application fields and process flow. By discussing the market scale of unsaturated resin, the reduction of application fields and regional analysis, this report analyzes the market situation of unsaturated polyester in 2009 and looks forward to the future development trend of unsaturated polyester in 2015. The economic recession in has affected the development of global industry, including the unsaturated polyester market. The unsaturated polyester resin market also showed a downward trend in 2009. Therefore, the sales volume of major enterprises engaged in unsaturated polyester resin business has also been repaired and maintained. Under the cleaning of editing and experimental machine devices, fully automatic clamping is generally adopted abroad, which has decreased by about 20% - 30%. In the next five years, it is expected that the total global consumption of unsaturated polyester resin will continue to increase, with a compound annual growth rate of about 6.3%. In 2015, the market output value of unsaturated polyester resin is expected to reach US $5.8 billion

in the near future, due to the continuous growth of new application fields and demand, unsaturated polyester resin is expected to show an increasing trend. Because the wind energy and construction markets have shown a rapid growth trend in the past few years, it is expected that this good momentum will promote the growth of unsaturated polyester resin industry. Unsaturated polyester resin will continue to maintain a good growth trend, and unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers will create more tax revenue for the country. The information provided in this analysis report is of high value and the author is insightful. This paper analyzes the new growth opportunities, which can help you win the unsaturated polyester resin market. This report can save you a lot of research time and help you open up new markets in the unsaturated polyester industry. In today's increasingly competitive environment, it is particularly important to make full use of valuable information

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