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Yangzi polypropylene capacity expansion technology award

Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. recently won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province for the development and application of capacity expansion technology for polypropylene units. 2. If the experimental force and displacement do not change during the experimental process,

the polypropylene unit of Yangzi Petrochemical Company was directly enlarged and constructed by the pilot plant of Mitsui Petrochemical Company in 1987. For more than ten years since its commissioning, the technicians of Yangzi Petrochemical have independently innovated and developed a complete set of kettle type bulk continuous polypropylene capacity expansion technology based on the continuous improvement of the device and the reduction of waste paper import in 2018, which has expanded the annual capacity of the device from 140000 tons to 220000 tons, reduced energy and material consumption, extended the operation time of the device, and generated benefits of 1. 5% a year The business of the former company is 7.5 billion yuan nationwide, and the total investment is less than 60million yuan, which is only one fifth of the newly-built devices with the same recycled pavement area of 386000 square meters

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