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Yanshan Petrochemical's new polyethylene special materials and pipe materials promote the structural upgrading of building materials

recently, Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical successfully produced two new products, rubber type chlorinated polyethylene special material 6600cp and peroxide crosslinked polyethylene pipe material 8100xm, filling the domestic gap. The market price of these two new products is not only more than 1000 yuan higher than that of ordinary products per ton, but also the granulation and additive links are omitted, and the product energy consumption is greatly reduced, promoting the transformation of building materials structure to more energy-saving and environmental protection

at present, the profitability of polyethylene is declining, and domestic high-end polyethylene resin can only rely on imports. In the face of the unfavorable situation, Yanshan Petrochemical has deeply tapped the potential of the device and developed high value-added products. The second reason is that the resistance strain gauge is a time-division characteristic product for measuring the strain value

according to Jing Zhenghong, deputy director of Yanshan Petrochemical Resin Application Research Institute, these two new products are high-density polyethylene powder resins produced industrially by slurry polymerization process on the company's low-pressure polyethylene unit, which previously relied mainly on imports. Rubber type chlorinated polyethylene special material 6600cp is suitable for the production of rubber type chlorinated polyethylene. It has good weather resistance, impact resistance and electrical insulation, especially good compatibility with all kinds of rubber. It can be mixed with all kinds of rubber to improve the processability of rubber in recent years and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber. Rubber type chlorinated polyethylene special material 6600 is willing to work with China on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. CP can also be used alone. It is mainly used in wire and cable, rubber hose, waterproof coiled material and other fields, and can partially replace chlorosulfonated polyethylene, ethylene acrylate rubber and Chloroether rubber with higher prices. The peroxide crosslinked polyethylene pipe material 8100xm can be used as pipe material for floor heating. In addition, it can also be widely used in domestic hot and cold water pipeline systems and snow melting and ice melting pipes. Because these products can also realize automatic production system, etc. Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene pipe material 8100xm products use plastic instead of steel, which can save a lot of metal materials

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