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Yanhua and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly develop nano polyester

Yanhua and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly develop nano polyester

March 24, 2001

recently, Yanhua company and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed nano polyester successfully. At present, pilot experiments have been completed, and the production target of 3000 tons can be achieved within the year. Therefore, Yanhua has become the first manufacturer in China that can mass produce nano polyester

nano materials have broad application prospects in catalysis, light filtering, light absorption, medicine, magnetic media and so on. Compared with ordinary polyester, nano

composite polyester has high strength. This protective switch is used to protect heating tubes and humidifying tubes from air burning and water shortage alarms The set point of cold and hot shock test box = temperature set point +20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, good barrier, heat resistance, wear resistance, light specific gravity, can replace metal

and ceramics to make gears, electrical plug-ins, good stability and other engineering plastic products, such as pipes, and can also meet the needs of the market, such as coil waterproofing, film waterproofing, rigid waterproofing of concrete and cement mortar, clay Lime soil waterproof and other high barrier and hot

filling and other packaging materials are urgently needed

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