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Prediction and analysis of the development prospect of China's DIY coating market

prediction and analysis of the development prospect of China's DIY coating market

January 20, 2014

[China coating information] how do you judge what is a successful architectural coating market? Of course, we are not talking about the latest electronic inventions or the latest social networking platforms. I am referring to the Chinese architectural coatings market. Some Chinese architectural coating manufacturers claimed that they had achieved great success in the market some time ago. Is their statement true in recent years

no one can deny that China has undoubtedly won the world economic development competition in recent years. They currently rank second in the world and are expected to surpass the United States in the next few years. China has experienced more than two decades of rapid economic growth, during which China's consumer market, capital investment and industrial output value have increased year after year

China's rapidly growing middle class is creating a huge consumer society. As the country with the fastest economic growth in the world, China has attracted a wide range of concerns from enterprises and investors all over the world in the past two decades. At present, the development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability, high-grade and personalized special varieties with less attention. As a result of this amazing growth, China today is considered to be the world's largest producer and consumer of excess functions - in the paint industry, the total paint production has exceeded 9.5 million metric tons. With the development of the middle class, in the past decade, about 400million Chinese families (staff) have a common dream of owning their own house. The huge market demand has led to the rapid expansion of housing construction projects, which has driven the significant growth of the building coating market

what is the DIY paint market

on the surface, the relevant statistics obtained from the construction coating market sound like good news for coating manufacturers. Unfortunately, many areas of China's traditional paint market have not been well developed. China's construction market is highly competitive, but very fragmented. It is estimated that at least half of the more than 8000 paint manufacturers in China are producing building paint related products. The important difference between China's architectural coatings market and industrial coatings market (such as automotive coatings, ink coatings, etc.) is the lack of strictly enforced quality standards. This has led to the confusion of various quality and performance building coating products in the market, which is disorderly and lack of supervision

another problem is that China's DIY coating market has not been established. If we look back carefully, an important factor for the growth and stability of those building coating markets with clear division of labor and appropriate management around the world is to have a stable DIY coating market - that is, producers and users are synchronized. In other words, the main driver of the most successful construction market is often the homeowner (owner), not the contractor. (although the marketing channels of well-known multinational coating companies that set up enterprises in China still rely on contractors rather than owners.)

game between homeowners and contractors

historically, the general Chinese people have not formed a DIY way (using paint) to improve their home environment. But in recent years, this situation has changed, especially after the Beijing Olympic Games. The Olympic Games prompted the Chinese government to launch an unprecedented large-scale coating project. Factories, office buildings, schools and pedestrian streets are painted with all kinds of dazzling colors in order to attract tourists from all over the world

in various cities in China, requirements and restrictions on building painting have been stipulated. Many small towns and rural areas also have painting regulations on office buildings, factory areas and even home environments. However, due to various reasons, China's decoration contractors have assumed the actual operator of the construction coating project, and many problems have arisen from this - these decoration contractors hold the contract, decide the choice and use of paint, show you the calibration surface of the universal testing machine in terms of paint variety, paint quantity, paint performance, etc., and even do not hesitate to infringe on the rights and interests of the homeowner, such as what performance paint to apply, The varieties of coatings required for interior wall coatings and exterior wall coatings are different. Water-based coatings or solvent based coatings are generally swallowed without discussion, and there is no mix construction of various resins, such as vinyl resin, propylene resin, polyurethane resin, etc. Generally speaking, contractors will get more benefits from paint contracting projects. Even so, contractors often add water or other substances to maximize the cost of paint coverage as little as possible. The details that have to be disclosed are that as contractors, they will also use expired (or even deteriorated) coatings and use them in construction, or sell expired coatings to smaller and less organized contractors. For homeowners, the appearance of their home paint will become fragile due to the use of these passive paint products, and their performance and aesthetics will be greatly reduced

unfortunately, the construction market in China is mainly based on appearance and price rather than performance. In China, people created the term "wall cancer", which means that many coatings will "die" from "illness" within a few years after coating. All this stems from the inaction of the decoration contractor in the paint construction and the lack of knowledge and awareness of rights and interests maintenance of building paint by the homeowner

if the paint manufacturer can make more profits directly from the homeowner (rather than through the decoration contractor), this problem seems to be solved - this assumption has been proved to be correct. In the United States, the strong DIY coating market can almost save the entire architectural coating market. People have a strong awareness of improving and protecting their home environment. They are willing to invest a sum of money to choose the coating by themselves and carry out the coating construction by themselves. If homeowners cannot obtain a new house for economic reasons, they often choose to renovate the old house

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