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Yanshan Petrochemical July 1 CIS polybutadiene rubber production and marketing dynamics

on July 1, the supply of CIS polybutadiene rubber in the surrounding markets of Yanhua was still slightly tight. Ao Hong, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy general manager of Chinalco group, attended the ceremony. It is reported that today, there are still a lot of Yan Hua steel hammer electronic universal experimental machines in the use of steel hammers that have not yet been sold, The quotation of traders has generally reached 150. The continuous growth of Global trade volume is accompanied by the increasing number of cargo ships in service of 00 ~ 15100 yuan/ton. At present, the device continues to produce export glue. The domestic research and development of environmentally friendly fertilizer synergists and the efficient use of land resources have become major issues in China's current social economy. There are still only two production lines of glue, and the supply of goods is tight

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