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Yangzi Petrochemical produces 5800 special plastic materials

advances in science and technology. The ignition point of the coal briquettes of what has decreased, and the furnace temperature has increased right. Through comparative experiments, after the two boilers have operated for the same time, the boiler burning coal pellets saves more than 10% of the coal compared with the boiler burning pure coal briquettes for its use with cables. The saved coal value is equivalent to the processing cost of coal briquettes. 2.3 reduce air pollution because adding catalyst and black liquor into pulverized coal to make coal balls, the combustion temperature of coal is higher and the combustion is more sufficient, so the pollution degree of flue gas produced by coal combustion is also greatly reduced. After collecting boiler flue gas for analysis, the results show that after adding catalyst, the harmful gases produced by coal combustion (sulfur, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc.) are reduced by 54.2% than before adding catalyst Rotate the screw on the zigzag rod by 6%, and the fly ash content in the flue gas also decreased by about 60% 2.4 application effect of silicon fertilizer after analysis, the effective silicon content of the silicon fertilizer produced is greater than 25%, and other main contents are similar to those of the commercial silicon fertilizer. It may be caused by the vibration caused by the insufficient number of supports. The pot and field experiments of this product carried out by the cultivation Institute of Fujian Academy of agricultural sciences need to be carried out according to the requirements of its finished products. The laboratory experiments show that the silicon fertilizer produced by cinder is suitable for the soil of Fujian Province. Applying 30kg per mu of rice can increase the yield by about 12%, and the yield of sugarcane, banana, asparagus, sweet potato, etc. can increase by 10% - 50%. Especially for sugarcane, it not only has a great effect on increasing the yield, but also greatly improves the sugar content of sugarcane. Silicon fertilizer not only has the effect of increasing production, but also enhances the ability of disease and insect resistance for many crops. In addition, due to the alkalescence of silicon fertilizer, it can also improve most of the acid red soil in Fujian Province. H conclusion the silicon fertilizer produced by this method, due to the addition of solid-phase catalyst, has a water-soluble silicon content of more than 25% and an effective calcium content of 20%. It is an ideal silicon calcium fertilizer. After field experiments, the yield increase effect is remarkable. As the cost per ton is only about 150 yuan, it has good economic benefits. At the same time, the use of industrial waste residue and industrial wastewater as the main raw materials can greatly reduce industrial pollution and save the consumption of coal, so it has good social and environmental benefits

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