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Yangzi Qilu ethylene signed a cooperation agreement

among China's seven ethylene production bases, Yangzi ethylene and Qilu ethylene signed a cooperation alliance agreement in the olefin plant of Qilu Petrochemical Company on June 7. The two large ethylene units were concluded as friendly units, strengthening exchanges and cooperation in production management, technology application, equipment transformation, product development, etc., breaking the peer portal, giving full play to their joint advantages, and jointly building a domestic first-class ethylene unit, Continuously improve the market competitiveness and the development level of China's ethylene industry, actively face the WTO and compete with the world's ethylene giants

in 1995, Yangzi ethylene's annual production capacity reached 400000 tons through the reconstruction and expansion of the unit, 434000 tons of ethylene were produced in 2000, and the 650000 tons/year reconstruction project of Yangzi ethylene was officially launched in November 2000; Qilu ethylene also successfully carried out the reconstruction and expansion of the overall size of the main engine in 1998. In 2000, it produced 500000 tons of ethylene, ranking first in the domestic industry. At present, the 720000 tons/year reconstruction and expansion project has been approved by the National Trade Commission with the highest accuracy of ball screws, and various preliminary preparations are actively under way. The core technologies of the two sets of devices have reached the international advanced level in the 1990s, and their scale and production capacity have been in the leading position in the domestic industry, which are mainly used to carry out coherent detection experiments on large tonnage metal and non-metal mechanical materials such as steel bars, cement, concrete, castings, etc

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