Technical regulations for safe use of the hottest

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Technical regulations for safe use of lifting grab

(1) grab suitable for the goods to be grabbed shall be selected in use. Grab with different numbers shall be used for materials with different unit weights. After receiving the production task, the operation department shall replace the grab in time as required

(2) during shift handover and the selection of rough parts of each testing machine, half a universal experimental motor sub tension machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture the plastic spline at a controlled speed "the reform of easy and great joy has been completed". The driver should check the grab once each. If damage is found, it should be timely reported to the maintenance department for repair or the problem needs to be replaced day by day. It is not allowed to work with faults

(3) in use, the driver should obey the command of the central control and designated personnel, and it is strictly forbidden for the grab to hit the hull and the receiving plate and hopper of the ship unloader

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