Production of high strength corrugated base paper

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Guangxi Guigang (Group) Co., Ltd. produces high-strength corrugated base paper with bottom pulp. It mixes 85% of bagasse pulp screened tail pulp (also known as pulp residue) with 15% of gutter recycled waste pulp to make corrugated base paper with a ration of 140 g/m2. All quality indicators of the product meet the requirements of GB high-strength grade a corrugated base paper. The longitudinal fracture is up to 4.5km, and only cubic meters of water is used per ton of paper

the paper machine is 1575mm double 5-cylinder paperboard machine

this is not only to turn waste into treasure, which brings good economic benefits to enterprises, but also helps another study to detect materials placed for 19 months to solve environmental protection problems

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