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ABB grandly launched the IndustrialIT 800xA system operator work interface

features and advantages

ergonomics design. Today, technicians will share the summarized methods of some safe protective equipment and maintenance methods to everyone. The efficiency of high operators:

system 800xA extended operator workplace's structured high-resolution screen presents seamless Easy to read process diagram. The adjustable desktop height gives full play to the advantages of ergonomics, so that operators are always alert and maintain maximum efficiency

excellent presentation reduces decision-making time:

presents data to the operator in the form of a large overview close to the operator on an interactive high-definition workspace display and multiple desktop monitors. The information is completely selectable and highly readable. Interactivity enables a truly intuitive experience

safer and more reliable operation:

operators like to have a free view of the process area they are responsible for and maintain a higher level of vigilance. In this way, the operator can react more quickly to abnormal conditions. Redundancy is also improved when monitors are backed up with large displays. It is easy to highlight the alarm message list on the monitor and display

extensive economic advantages:

the improved ergonomics and process data are better displayed, which reduces parking time and improves productivity, thus obtaining higher economic benefits. Compared with traditional background projection, it can also save costs in installation and ground space requirements

expand operator workspace

process information perfectly shows

based on 800xA process portal, the perfect industrial process data graph is projected in the form of structured large screen overview. Different from many other large display designs that only impress the guests in the control room, the EOW extended operator work interface) gives operators more important functions: excellent interaction, high-resolution display, comprehensive and easy to read information, intuitive interface, effective alarm and trend display management, process interactive processing, and ergonomic design will put safety first Comfort and effectiveness have reached a new level

the senior manager has signal access lights, abetting lights and emergency lights in the tunnel, and the operator can also benefit from the EOW design. In addition to helping operators make better decisions faster, it can be installed in existing control rooms without large-scale reconstruction, saving time and cost. Compared with the traditional background projection scheme, the space requirement is also reduced

the typical control room configuration is a place with two projectors, including 2.1 × 0.8m2 screen, 2560 × 1024 pixel resolution and 4 desktop 21 "monitors, or a setup for three projectors, including a 3.1 × 0.8m2 screen, 3840 × 1024 pixel resolution and six 21 "monitors are all automated. It can also be a larger system with four or more projectors, higher resolutions, and more monitors

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