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The three Liuzhou Yunli projects have successfully passed the acceptance, but the time frame will be longer. Recently, the Guangxi district industry and information technology commission entrusted Liuzhou industry and Information Technology Commission to organize an expert group to accept the development and industrialization of the lifting powder material transport vehicle, the multi-functional washing and sweeping vehicle and the cr450s snow throwing vehicle of SINOTRUK Liuzhou Yunli company. At the acceptance meeting, the project leader made a detailed report on the three projects in terms of project background, R & D process, major technological innovation points, market conditions and other aspects. The acceptance expert group inquired in detail about the technical points, implementation process and other contents of the project, and put forward different suggestions for each project: the lifting powder material transport vehicle should improve the process level to ensure the reliability of the product; Speed up the preparation of industry standards for snow removal vehicle products, and strive to take the lead in industry technology; As a new type of environmental sanitation vehicle, the single engine washing and sweeping vehicle should strengthen market promotion to prevent oil leakage under high pressure and form large-scale production as soon as possible

after inquiry and discussion, the acceptance expert group finally concluded that the three projects were implemented according to the plan, the construction objectives were completed, and the acceptance was unanimously agreed

as China's economic development enters the new normal, the manufacturing industry has become the main battlefield for economic restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading. Lightweight, intensive, heavy-duty, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection have become the trend and mainstream of the future development of the heavy truck industry. Although about 54% of China can produce to keep up with market demand, Liuzhou company must adjust its product structure, focusing on high-quality and high value-added special vehicles. In recent years, Liuzhou Yunli has started to upgrade its traditional models and develop a series of new products such as sanitation vehicles and snow removal vehicles. Through the application of new materials, product structure optimization, lightweight design, welding process adjustment, vehicle matching and improvement, more than 3/4 of them are in-depth research and development of hot-air plastic granulator, and have successfully developed a lighter and more stable lifting powder material transport vehicle with higher tank utilization and more thorough unloading; A new environmental sanitation product integrating the functions of cleaning vehicle and road sweeper has been developed - a single engine cleaning vehicle integrating single washing, single sweeping and cleaning; Introduce the world's advanced snow removal equipment design and production technology, and develop a series of snow throwing vehicles

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