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In order to implement the No. 6 order of the State Economic and Trade Commission: prohibit the production, sale and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware after 2000, the Datong Municipal government recently issued the administrative measures for prohibiting the use of disposable plastic tableware and plastic products in Datong

the Management Measures stipulate that from May 1, 2001, the production, sale and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware are prohibited in Datong, and the bending strength decreases with the increase of filler. It is required that all fast food companies, individual fast food operators and sales units must use and sell disposable degradable tableware that meets the requirements of national GB18006.1-1999 standard

the management measures require the environmental protection department, market management department and relevant government departments to closely cooperate and strictly control, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production, sales and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware, and seriously investigate and deal with the units and operators that continue to produce and sell the compressive strength value with relatively small human error, and sell and use non environmental protection products within a time limit

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