DMG's 5-axis machining technology

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DMG's 5-axis machining technology

at the end of 1985, DMG launched a CNC rotary table for 5-axis drive operation of universal milling machine. This action laid the foundation for the company's unique success story. In this process, the company has developed into an undisputed world market leader in the field of 5-axis machine tool processing. This important position is mainly reflected in the application in the field of aerospace industry. DMG's universal machine tools, 5-axis machining centers and 5-axis milling/turning centers are adopted by the world's major aircraft manufacturing companies and their international suppliers. Combined with high-tech machine tools from turning, laser and other technical fields, DMG has become an extremely important partner in the international aviation industry. At present, there are more than 200 lithium battery enterprises in China

The development of NC 5-axis milling technology makes it possible to process the most complex workpiece and meet the highest accuracy requirements in a single setting mode. The impact of this on the economy and productivity at that time can only be objectively evaluated from today's perspective. The progress of 5-axis/5-face machining technology with amazing speed developed by Deckel MAHO is reflected in the current processing capacity and diversity of options of the machine and equipment. This includes DMU 50 and DMU 50 Evo linear compact multifunctional machine tools with dimensions of 23.6 inches And 39.4 in Between the new monoblock? Series universal machine tools and DMC V linear series vertical machining centers. Other important developments include duoblock? Type machine tools and gantry machine tools. The maximum x movement distance of this series of machine tools is 133.9in The maximum workpiece weight is 35274ib. Moreover, DMU FD milling/turning center can undertake unique 5-axis machining and challenging turning tasks, and the rotation speed of the worktable can be up to 800 R/min

in addition, Deckel MAHO has always been able to obtain a new method to achieve the machining goal of synchronous 5-axis machine tools. In the past, the CNC rotary table was the ultimate way to achieve this goal, but the various machining combinations available today provide the operator with the possibility to adjust the performance of the machine tool to meet the requirements of different specifications for manufacturing various parts. In this case, the milling head with B-type or A-type control shaft has become the most significant technological innovation by adopting computer-controlled full experimental process. In addition, there are a variety of shaft specifications available, from high-speed motor shafts with rotational speed exceeding the limit of 40000 R/min to powerful 5x torquemaster? For torque up to 795.5 ft./lbs? Drive shaft

Figure 1 many years ago, 5-axis synchronous machining (DMU 340 p-type) machine tool became a famous trademark of Deckel MAHO company

the development achievements of control system in the past 20 years are obvious. Today's CNC machine tools are equipped with extremely high-speed information processors, comprehensive three-dimensional functions and 17 in High definition graphic display screen, with more axis positioning processing capacity. Using the complete ATC tuning tool device, the performance of the machine tool can be adjusted to meet different application requirements. At the same time, the impact monitoring device adopts an innovative forward-looking monitoring system, which can ensure that there is no impact during the execution of complex procedures, even if it adopts a "difficult to manipulate" axis configuration

nowadays, the tool capacity of the machine tool has increased to 340 tool positions. This fact is almost insignificant compared with the above-mentioned mechanical and technological leaps. Its significance is more reflected in the comparison between past downtime and current downtime. In the past, the technical specification of MH 700 s machine tool required a tool change time of 30s, but now DMU 100 P duoblock? The tool change time from blade to blade is only 4.5s

the moving distance from the x-axis in Figure 2 is 19.7 in The DMU 50 Evo linear machine has a travel distance of 133.9 inches

DMU 340 p-type machine tool. Deckel MAHO now supplies a complete range of 5-axis synchronous machine tools,

provides a variety of possible shaft configurations and various spindle choices from high speed to powerful power

after 5-axis processing is specially applied to the tool and mold industry, this high production rate processing method has also been applied to the production field. The most important application example is reflected in the aviation industry. With the ability to process structural parts and fully meet various standards including standard parts, Boeing's plant in Portland, Oregon uses two DMU 200 p-type machine tools. In addition to some casting "blanks", the workpiece is cut and processed by using the whole aluminum plate, and the dressing proportion is as high as 90%. In this way, it is not difficult to understand that, in addition to the dynamic requirements, the realization of "the most appropriate chip amount" and reliable chip handling in the work area is indeed an important factor. DMU 200 p-type machine tool can calmly meet these challenges. It also dares to meet the challenges brought by the whole processing. CNC rotary table and b-axis with high-performance easy and fast milling shaft and HSK 100 tool connector show excellent performance in this regard. Based on the performance application experience obtained, the Portland factory purchased three additional 5-axis machine tools and 160 p-type machine tools

DMG's 5-axis processing technology is not only successful in the application of aviation industry (European Airbus pays special attention to the whole piece processing technology of Deckel MAHO). Many well-known turbine manufacturers and their suppliers also rely on 5-axis machining expertise from Germany. Volvo aero uses the Deckel MAHO automatic processing system to produce turbine and combustion chamber covers made of high alloy materials with high nickel content. The system also has the function of 5-axis turning. In addition, five types of DMU 160 FD turning/milling machining centers, combined with 100 workpiece pallets and a central tool magazine that can accommodate 1250 tools, are combined into a globally unique machine tool machining center. Based on this excellent application experience, Volvo aero ordered two new sets of turning/milling centers, one DMC 125 FD duoblock? A DMC 200 FD machine tool and a DMC 340 u large milling center. Therefore, DMC series machine tools are mainly used in the pallet replacement system with automatic and efficient exchange of workpiece carrying devices

These unique examples of DMG production technology compared with other DMP> manufacturers in the world. It is not only the best partner in the field of milling/turning machine tools and 5-axis/5-face machining of turning/milling machine tools, but also these application examples have become the best solution for DMG vertical turning machine tools, which ensure the production of aircraft engine cylinders to achieve the highest productivity. In addition, lasertec 80 powerdrill machine tool revolutionized the process of manufacturing "forming holes" in gear manufacturing and mobile column machine tools, and the production of DMF line has been very successful in the processing of chassis parts. (end)

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